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  Festivals & Events: April
Chaing Mai Sonkran and Lanna thai Festival
April 13-15, 1999
Tha Pae Gate and citywide

Traditionally the Thai New Year, this festival is celebrated by making merit, constructing sand chedis, and pouring lustral water over respected elders and Buddha images. As the years went by, it became a part of tradition to splash water on one and all. It is a city-wide festival, and one of the most popular in Chiang Mai, so expect to have a good time and get wet!

Chaing Mai Great Arts And Culture Festival
April 2 - 6, 1999
Tha Dton Payom Market on Suthep Road, Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai Great Arts and Culture Festival will be held from April 2 - 6. The objectives are to promote the image of Chiang Mai as an important centre of art and culture, and to stimulate the preservation of local arts and the cultural heritage for future generations.

The Chiang Mai Great Arts and Culture Festival gathers at one time and at the same location a variety of important activities relating to Thai culture.ranging from demonstrations of original Lanna lifestyle, traditional music performance, to a plathora of stalls selling northern culsine.